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Spring Transitions & Teenagers

Boiling and Brewing Tea has become both a verb and a proper noun in this household. We have created a ritual that is to be honored and protected and Natalie has been an integral part of that. Colton and I encourage you to make some allowances when it comes to transitions this Spring.

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Making Summer Iced Tea

There is nothing quite like an ice cold glass of tea on a hot Summer day! In this post, you'll find recipes for sun tea or quick stove-top iced by the gallon and how to brew a single cup of quick iced tea. In our home, there is ALWAYS a big ol' jug of iced tea in our fridge (even in the Winter). Here is one of our family favorites using Gnat & Bee Forest Berry Loose Black Tea. This blend has bits of dried strawberries and rose hips throughout a nice body of Assam Tea, as well as Honeysuckle flowers which add the delicate hint of floral that balances out the shining strawberry in this blend. I am very certain that this will...

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