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Snow Drop Chai Latte

Snow Drop Chai is a beautiful herbal blend that has quickly become a favorite for when I need tea (and that is very often) , but it's too late at night to drink my absolute favorite,  Ritual Black Chai. Orange, lemongrass, and star anise shine through in this blend,  with lovely notes of jasmine, ginger, and cinnamon, while fennel and peppercorn dance within. It's somehow gentle, yet bold. I love it with a splash of milk and of course, honey. My favorite way to brew tea is to simmer it on the stove for at least 15 minutes. Doing this, intensifies all of the flavors and creates somewhat of a concentrate, which is perfect for mixing with milk. Here is my go...

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Making Summer Iced Tea

There is nothing quite like an ice cold glass of tea on a hot Summer day! In this post, you'll find recipes for sun tea or quick stove-top iced by the gallon and how to brew a single cup of quick iced tea. In our home, there is ALWAYS a big ol' jug of iced tea in our fridge (even in the Winter). Here is one of our family favorites using Gnat & Bee Forest Berry Loose Black Tea. This blend has bits of dried strawberries and rose hips throughout a nice body of Assam Tea, as well as Honeysuckle flowers which add the delicate hint of floral that balances out the shining strawberry in this blend. I am very certain that this will...

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