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Autumn Collection Box
Autumn Collection Box
Autumn Collection Box
Autumn Collection Box
Autumn Collection Box
Autumn Collection Box

Autumn Collection Box

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In Autumn, the dark becomes illuminated. We reflect on what the year has given and taken from us. There is a chill in the air; a knit sweater and hot mug in hand is welcome. Take time for yourself to re-evaluate routines for physical, mental and spiritual well being. What do you need? Slow down and take a deep breath. May the tools and treats in this box help you re-connect this season. Do more of what you love and what makes you feel whole. 

This box features 3 additional women makers & limited edition Autumn Collection products listed below:

  • 3 teas of your choice - in regular sized 2oz packages. Please choose 3 from the list below and remember to include them in a note with your order! You may also request to be surprised, noting your taste preferences. 
  • Cinnamon Creamed Honey - Spicy & sweet whipped honey
  • Tea Stars - Edible stars to adorn your cuppas with a little more magic 
  • Cauldron Mulling Spices - Whole spice blend for apple cider, mulled wine, wassail or a stove top simmer. 
  • Golden Milk - Sample size - turmeric spice blend for a delightful latte or sweet/savory seasoning 
  • Cacao Chaga Elixer - Sample size - medicinal chaga mushroom dual alcohol extract with cacao nibs & honey. 
  • Amber Glow Body Oil - Full 2oz size. Warm, sensual, sweet & spicy moisturizing body oil. 
  • Autumn Watercolor Print & ritual prompt - art by Natalie
  • Mabon Incense Powder, by Smoke & Sage - Hand blended botanical incense in a corked glass vial & charcoal disks for burning. Post card with instructions included.
  • Autumn Candle by MNK Candle - Named "September" with notes of Crisp Ginger, Apples, Citrus. And spices of nutmeg, cinnamon bark and woods
  • Mini Pottery Pumpkin by Rudy Whistle Pottery - one mini pottery pumpkin in a surprise color: copper, rusty red or blue dusk

Each box will be wrapped up like a gift and sprinkled with extra love and botanical autumn magic.

If you are ordering for a friend, simply provide their address under shipping and write a personalized note ~ I can hand-write this in a card for them.

With love & wellness ~ Natalie

REMEMBER to choose your tea and send me your list of 3:

Mabon - black tea, roasted barley, apples, spices, lapsang, vanilla & whiskey (caffeinated)

Hearthstone Chai - black tea, red rooibos, apples, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, sunflower petals, pumpkin seeds (caffeinated)

Ritual Chai - black tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice, pepper, vanilla (caffeinated)

Forest Berry - black tea, strawberries, rose hip, blue corn flower (caffeinated)

Cocoa Mint Mate - Yerbe Mate, peppermint, cacao nibs, vanilla (caffeinated)

Awaken - Green Sencha tea, peppermint, nettles, eleuthro, lemongrass (caffeinated)

Chocolate Chai - red rooibos, cacao nibs, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, orange, vanilla (herbal)

Defender - Lemon Balm, echinacea, nettle, astragalus root, elderberry, licorice root, orange peel, ginger root (herbal)

Bramble & Sage - Blackberry leaf, red raspberry leaf, oatstraw+tops, sage, slippery elm, rose, ginger (herbal)

Full Moon - Red raspberry leaf, nettle, lemon balm, milky oat tops, oat straw, rose hips, hibiscus & ginger root (herbal)

Night Cap - Chamomile, hops, skullcap, passionflower, peppermint, oatstraw, lavender, valerian root, stevia (herbal)

Heavenly HipsHibiscus, lemongrass, rose hip, peppermint, orange peel, and cinnamon chips (herbal)



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