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Chocolate Chai | Red Tea Blend
Chocolate Chai | Red Tea Blend

Chocolate Chai | Red Tea Blend

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Earthy Red Rooibos & roasted cocoa nibs, studded with orange & mild spice. A comforting cup of chai without the caffeine. Makes a luscious tea latte with honey/maple syrup/brown sugar and your favorite milk. Enjoy Hot or Iced. 

  • Crafted with Organic/garden/wild harvested: *Red rooibos tea, *roasted cacao nibs, cinnamon, *ginger, *roasted chicory root, *orange peel, licorice root, nutmeg, black pepper, vanilla bean & essence. *denotes certified organic
  • Caffeine Free
  • Flavor: Earthy, sweet and rich with citrus notes and warm spice.
  • Brewing Loose Leaf Tea: Use 1-2 tsp. to infuse one cup. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea and let steep 4-5 minutes. Strain and add your favorite milk and honey for a luscious latte.
  • Size: 3 oz. by volume compostable pouch for 15-20 servings. Samples brew 4 servings.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Reaves
my new favorite tea!

I love this chocolate chai so much! It’s delicious with a bit of coconut sugar and oatmilk. This tea may just help me kick my coffee habit (plus it’s so much more comforting and better for my nervous system). I highly recommend it!

This has ruined all chai tea

Because it is so good. At a time like now, when we all need a bit more love and comfort this tea is a cup of everything amazing. It comes with a tip to elevate this to a chai latte and sends it over the edge. This chocolate chai has become a staple in my home.

So happy that you're loving it! Stay cozy -Natalie

Mareah Van Zante
So comforting

This tea blend hits all the right notes.
Cozy, warm & delicious. It smells incredible and is perfect on a cool September morning.

Amy Darragh
My Favorite

This is my very favorite tea! It’s so nice to have a chai option without the caffeine!

Carrina Crow
Comfort in a cup!

I was a little hesitant as I didn't know if I would actually like this chai but it's so so good. It feels earthy and deep with hints of chocolate - very comforting!