Clay & Tea Mask Trio

Clay & Tea Mask Trio

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Get all three of the Clay & Tea Masks in this wonderful trio! All of our face clays contain botanicals and tea for a balanced dose of skin loving antioxidants. Made for all skin types.

Green Sea Clay & Tea Mask is clarifying, nourishing & refreshing. Enriched with green tea and minerals from kelp & spirulina to reduce inflammation, balance and restore dull and tired skin. 

Pink Rose Clay & Tea Mask is hydrating, soothing and regenerating. Made with pink clay, rose, rosehips and red rooibos tea.  

Black Magic Clay & Tea Mask is formulated to deeply cleanse congested, oily skin and gently treat acne. Made with activated bamboo charcoal, lavender, tea tree oil and assam black tea.  

To use: Mix in a small dish. Slowly add liquid (see options below) and stir well until a smooth which paste forms. Apply generously onto entire face or spot treat anywhere on the body. Let set for 12-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, with gentle massage, pat dry and follow with toner & moisturizer.

Container: 2 oz. glass jar with metal lid. Re-use or recycle.

Tips: Dry mask powders are wonderful, you can customize your mix & they keep for a long time! They can be applied anywhere externally, not just the face. Try these different liquids for your needs & liking:

  • All skin: Water, herbal tea, yogurt, milk or cream
  • Oily/Acne prone skin: Lavender hydrosol, witch hazel
  • Dry skin: Honey, body or facial oil, rose water/hydrosol

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