Pink Rose Clay Mask
Pink Rose Clay Mask

Pink Rose Clay Mask

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Pink Rose Clay is hydrating, soothing and regenerating. Made for all skin types, especially wonderful for sensitive and mature and dry skin. This mask evens skin tone and balances excess oil. Natural clay deep-cleans your pores and pulls out dirt and oil that cleansers can't reach. It also increases circulation and oxygen to the skin, helping it heal faster. 

Directions: Mix in a small dish. Slowly add liquid (see options below) and stir well until a smooth which paste forms. Apply generously onto entire face or spot treat anywhere on the body. Let set for 8-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, with gentle massage, pat dry and follow with toner & moisturizer.

Ingredients: Pink rose clay, white kaolin clay, rose, rosehips, hibiscus, red rooibos, rose geranium essential oil

Container: 2 oz. glass jar with metal lid. Re-use or recycle.

Tips: Dry mask powders are wonderful because you can customize your mask & they keep for a long time! Don't forget you can use it anywhere externally, not just your face. Try these different liquids for your needs & liking:

  • All skin: Water, herbal tea, yogurt, milk or cream
  • Oily/Acne prone skin: Lavender hydrosol, witch hazel
  • Dry skin: Honey, body or facial oil, rose water/hydrosol

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Great products!

This mask blended well and applied nicely, my face has been extra dry because of winter and after rinsing the mask and patting my face dry with towel it already felt hydrated and smooth! I applied the BlissBalm moisturizer afterward and my face feels so great!


My favorite mask

Blended with warm water to create a soothing facial mask for my tired dry flaking skin! After I removed the mask, my skin felt very clean. I used Natalie's Wildflower toner, then misted her lavender hydrosol on my face & followed with my fave facial oil. I highly recommend this mask as well as her other products mentioned!!