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Purple Quail Lip Balm
Purple Quail Lip Balm

Purple Quail Lip Balm

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Our family favorite moisturizing and nourishing lip balm. Perfect texture that stays smooth when it's cold, and does not melt in your warm pocket or car. Made by Purple Quail in Loudonville, Ohio. 

  • Bermuda Triangle- a soothing blend of warm spice. Easy to get lost in, time and time again, with lavender, mandarin and clove essential oils.
  • Chai in the Sky- a sip of your favorite tea that conveniently fits in the pocket, with cinnamon, cardamom, anise, ginger & clove essential oils.
  • Feelin' Chappy- when your lips are hard as stones, lookin' for moisture, n' Feelin' Chappy with tea tree, bergamot, lavender & eucalyptus essential oils.
  • Indian Summer- a delicate blend of summertime freshness with lavender, cardamom & vanilla essential oils.
  • Tickled Pink- delightfully dazzling and giddy with grapefruit, vanilla & lavender essential oils.
  • Verde- a refreshing burst of spearmint, tea tree & lemon essential oils

Ingredients- Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Vitamin E, Essential oils