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Snow Drop Chai | Herbal Tea Blend
Snow Drop Chai | Herbal Tea Blend
Snow Drop Chai | Herbal Tea Blend

Snow Drop Chai | Herbal Tea Blend

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Snow Drop chai is an ode to The Quickening, the transition from Winter to Spring. Frost may still keep hold, but we can feel the promise of a new season in each passing day.  The sun warms, the day lengthens, and the air seems pure and thin as it takes on the scent of freshly turned soil, emerging green, and soft rains. Spring is a time of awakening, of healing and renewal, of the dawning and planting of new ideas. 

The Snow drops are one of the very first flowers we will see, the jasmine captures their soft spirit in this tea.

Snow Drop Chai Latte Recipe

Crafted with Organic: Lemongrass, orange fruit & peel, jasmine flower, ginger, cinnamon, pink pepper, star anise & fennel

  • Caffeine Free
  • Flavor: Refreshing and grounding with ginger, citrus and light floral notes
  • Brewing Loose Leaf Tea: Use 1-2 tsp. to infuse one cup. Pour soft boiled water over the tea and let steep 5-10 minutes. Strain and enjoy!
  • Cold Infusion: Add up to 1/4 cup of herbal tea into a quart jar and top off with water. Chill for 6-12 hours. Strain, taste, sweeten if needed and enjoy!
  • Servings: 2 oz compostable pouches brew 15-20 servings. Samples brew 4 servings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephen Sanders
Snow Drop Chai

The tea came beautifully packaged in the mail. It was as if I were opening a gift of spring. The tea is beautiful and flavorful!

Amanda Young
Unique & Delicious

I’ve been ordering for years now and I love how delicious and unique Natalie’s teas are… not your average herbal tea experience! I always feel transported to a more magical me.

Jessica Conard

The warmth of a chai with light lemony notes! My husband and I really enjoy this tea.

Full bodied but also lite!

We received this in sample size to try. My husband and I love this tea! It has the fullness and warmth of chai but the lemony-notes were so clarifying! Very smooth. Will be ordering more today.

Martha L.
Good tea

The tea was good and very pretty. I do like some more flavor and spice in my tea so I added more peppercorns and a cinnamon stick and it was quite good!

Wonderful additions Martha <3
I will also suggest scooping from the bottom of the bag or transferring to a jar ~ as sometimes the heavier spices will settle to the bottom. Cheers :)