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Welcome Autumn

As the autumn equinox grows nearer, and the fruits of summer grow heavier, we are grateful for the bounty and medicine of this year’s harvest. We have filled our jars, shelves and cupboards with herbs and foods to nourish us and share with you. This year in the Northern Hemisphere the first day of fall comes on Saturday, September 22nd, this day symbolizes a balance between light and dark, activity and rest, and growth and decay.
Spiritually, the autumn equinox is a time to revel in our abundance and reflect on the past year. Savor how you have grown and expanded as we slowly move towards rest and inner stillness. Take the time to acknowledge the challenges and wounds you’ve had to heal, the grief you may be carrying, and your tender joys. Where do you find yourself in the spectrum of this seasonal shift?
This is a powerful time for growth and transformation. By taking some time to reflect, set intentions, and connect with nature and ourselves, we can use this energy to feel rejuvenated and comforted for the next chapter ahead.
In the apothecary, we have been joyfully mixing up sweet and spicy concoctions to support us through this shift. We are so excited to share cozy chai and earthy tea blends, warming bath soaks and nourishing body oils. The Autumn Collection is now open.
Harvest blessings,
Natalie Friedrich
Gnat and Bee, Founder

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